Double Bubble Slot

13 Oct

While it may sound like an entry from a Cockney rhyming slang book, Double Bubble is an incredibly popular online slots game which provides as many thrills as it does pay-outs! The game is known to be extremely generous to users and makes it one of the more enjoyable slots games. After all, what would be the point of playing with money if you couldn’t get a potentially huge pay-out back in return!?  If you enjoy playing other slots like Starburst slot, Zuma, or Cashapillar, then you should really enjoy Double Bubble.

Double Bubble comes in your traditional five reels, four symbols style with twenty paylines in total that you can place wagers on. With potential jackpots of a stunning £20,000 all the way up to a scarcely believable £80,000 if you get the bonus round just right, you can win huge with Double Bubble but you just need to know what you are doing and how to play it! The rules are the same as just about any other slots game that you will ever come up against, but it’s go some nice unique little twists.

While it’s got that classic look of your traditional slot machine, the symbols are based around the Double Bubble chewing gum that everybody loves so much. The generic “BAR” symbols appear as you see in numerous games, but it also features the Wild which is the Double Bubble logo itself as well as a variety of different fruits based off flavours of the chewing gum itself. It’s these little extras that help make Double Bubble a really enjoyable game – it’s got a clean design and runs smooth but is unique enough not to feel the same as the rest.

It comes into its own in the bonus round games, whether you get bonus game or the multipliers, you can stand to benefit massively from the outcome. Outside of that, the Wild symbol is the Double Bubble logo which means that when you get enough of the Wild symbols you can potentially walk away with a nice multiplier of what you originally staked.

With the minimum bet being as little as £0.01, you can walk away with literally twenty thousand times what you put on if absolutely everything goes right for you – what more can you really say when it comes to the world of online slots? You can’t get much fairer than a game that loves to pay out, looks great, plays fast and provides a lot of thrills and get little unique features along the way!