Tiki Island and Double Bubble Games

10 Nov

If you are a regular slot players in land based, online or even the next generation of mobile casino sites then you will already be aware that there are plenty of slot games you will come across which boast an Egyptian theme.

Believe it or not some of the most played and much loved slot games are those which come with such a theme, and as such no matter which online casinos you choose to play it you are always going to find plenty of slots offering you such a theme!

One of Microgaming’s Egyptian themed slot games which we enjoy playing and we think you are going to enjoy playing is their Double Bubble slot machines which is a 20 payline slot offering more than enough staking options.

Unlike most similar slot games this game has no free spins bonus games which can be triggered when you are playing the base game, but what it does have to offering playing is a multi stage and potentially very high paying pick to win styled bonus game. That bonus game coupled with the high payout percentage of this slot will keep you entertained and helpfully in profit if you do fancy getting stuck into playing this slot!

Jackpot Payout – The Pharaoh’s Tomb slot game has a 3000 coin jackpot on offer which can be won via the base game. Five Professor Symbols spinning in on an activated payline will award you with that 3000 coin jackpot. Be aware that each additional coin that you wager on the paylines will increase the jackpot on offer on this Pharaoh’s Tomb slot by another 3000 coins!

Pick to Win Bonus Game – The Scarab reel symbols which you will find spinning around the reels are scatter symbols and when playing this slot game out will need to have at least three of those reel symbols spinning in for you to get to play off this slot game some and only bonus feature round.

A bonus game screen will be displayed once you have spun in three or more of those Scarab symbols anywhere in view and you will be faced with picking one of the Tombs presented to you on the bonus game screen.

When you select a Tomb you will either be awarded with a cash payout or you could reveal a Key, the Key then give you access to the next round of the bonus game where bigger cash prizes can be won. You can reach three different stages of the bonus game when playing it off and a 100 times your stake payout can be awarded on the final stage of that bonus game!

Wild Symbol – The Pharaoh symbol is only found on two reels of this slot and you will find that they can and will stand in for all of the other reel symbols with the exception of the Scarab symbol, so by spinning in one or both of those wild symbols there is a fair chance you can form more than one winning combination when you are playing the maximum number of lines on offer on this slot game!

High Paying Slot – The long term expected payout percentage of any slot game you play online is going to give you an indication of how enjoyable and how high paying that slot will be. One aspect of playing the Tiki Island slot game which does make it a very attractive slot is that the payout percentage has been set very high at a certified 95.20%, so lots of winning opportunities are on offer to you!