Overview of Starburst Slot Machine

18 Oct

Make your pockets a whole lot heavier with the help of this magnificent slot machine game – Starburst. It will leave you enchanted, mesmerized, and filthy rich. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Starburst is your very own slot machine game possessing five reels and ten lines. These five spinning reels shall be at your assistance, helping you reach multiple winning combinations. Every coin you insert will activate a new pay-line. Finally, when the reels are stagnant, the computer will analyze the symbol combinations to evaluate your winnings.

Thrive in this arcade-esque atmosphere and write your own rags-to-riches storyline. These high energy fast paced Starburst video game machine slots aren’t meant for the weak hearted. Characteristics like ‘Win Both Ways’, expanding wild symbols, stacked symbols, and a bonus re-spin feature will make sure that you have an unforgettable never-before-seen gaming experience.

The maximum payout that you can get is somewhere around 250 credits per line-bet. Want to hear something crazy? You can play this game for free!

Let us take a deeper insight into this Starburst slot machine masterpiece:

1. Coin Sizes:

This one of a kind slot machine game coming from the extensive repertoire of Net Entertainment can be played for free. See it to believe it! It can also be played with actual money ranging in the denominations of 0.01-1.00 per pay-line, wagering up to 1-10 coins per every pay-line bet. The minimum and maximum betting amounts are 0.01 and 100.00 per spin respectively.

2. Stacked Symbols:

When three symbols get displayed on a single reel in a simultaneous manner, they form stacked symbol combinations.

The good thing about stacked symbols is the fact that they can significantly increase your chances of getting richer, by helping you to complete those precious winning combos.

3. Expanding Wild Symbols:

The symbol which acts as a credible substitute for other normal symbols in order to fulfill a winning combination is known as the starburst symbol. Now, this starburst symbol is also called as a wild symbol. The unique feature about this symbol is that it only appears on the reel number two, three, and four. It is used to activate the special re-spin feature of the slot machine.

4. Starburst Re-Spin Feature:

As stated above, the slot machine re-spin feature is activated due to the presence of the wild symbols. During this re-spinning, the starburst wild symbols are stagnant and they end up covering the entire reel, whereas the other reels will be executing the re-spin feature, giving you another chance at that much coveted prize money.

If luck is at your door, you might be awarded an additional re-spin chance if another one of those holy wild symbols shows up [at max you can awarded 3 re-spins per single play.

(Note: Per single pay-line, only one winning combination is considered i.e. only one out of the multiple combinations will be paid for [in case you bag multiple ones, you’d be paid for the highest combination value.)